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Rita Csenki

online marketing manager

I am a good strategist with creative sense and open mind to the world, I'm agile to the fast changing online and digital world.
Due to my agency background I have excellent organisation skills, I solve problems fast and stay focused even under heavy pressure or strict deadlines.
Since I work with developers, I learned how to communicate clearly and present my ideas.
I used to live in different countries so I can adapt very fast to new environment and integrate well. I am practical, observant, with an excellent ability to quickly improvise an innovative solution to a problem. I can bring common sense and a realistic approach to my work, and make work fun.


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Online marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven. I have analytical brain to process all the information I see every day. I can review ROI, spot metric-driven trends, and understand important marketing metrics. I can identify leakage points and bring up solution for them.


I do user and non-user tests (A/B tests, moderated in-person usability tests, card sorting, heuristic evaluations, click tests etc.) and user studies (analyzing the results) to see how people interact with our products, and also to understand that what may be obvious to me or a product team isn't necessarily obvious to the end user.


95% of what I build and create is online. I have a working knowledge of how websites, landing pages and e-mail campaigns are created. I understand HTML and CSS what allows me to develop the website’s structure and style, and I can communicate more clearly with developers and site builders.

Graphic design

I have eye and vision to be able to create eye cathcy websites, images, and print documents that look great and functional for the targeted audience. I have high expertise in Adobe Photoshop to do the actual design work. In Adobe Indesign and Illustrator I have mid-high knowledge.


I know how to present and create an engaging presentation that empowers the audience to take action. I can not only interpret the data but also effectively communicate my findings in a way that is easy to understand for the audience.

Team working

I have good team working skills and I’m comfortable in collaborating, mentoring, critiquing, assisting and generally operating within a team environment.

Personal info

Rational and Practical
Analytical mindset
Problem solver




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